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Invisible aligners cost

Publish on Feb 09, 2024

Cost of Invisible Aligners: Factors, Materials & Treatment Impact

What Defines the Cost of Invisible Aligners?

Invisible aligners correct crooked teeth and gaps in a comfortable way. They provide several advantages over traditional braces. These aligners have transformed orthodontic care. Dentists and patients now prefer aligner treatment because it is hassle-free and transparent. They blend with the smile and are unnoticeable when you wear them. This blog will explore teeth straightening with invisible aligners and their cost.

What Are Invisible Aligners?

Invisible aligners are smooth plastic trays that straighten crooked teeth. They are transparent and hard to notice when you wear them. Hence, they are also known as invisible braces. Your dentist will examine your mouth and make your treatment plan with aligners. They send your mouth scans to a dental lab to prepare custom-made aligner trays. You will receive your set of aligners after a few days. You must wear them for at least 22 hours daily or as mentioned by your dentist.

You can see a visible change in your smile as you move to the next set of aligners. It will help to keep your treatment in check. You must wear retainers after teeth straightening treatment. It prevents the teeth from moving back to their old positions. Since they are removable, you can eat your favourite meals by removing the aligners. This allows you to brush and floss as usual to keep your teeth clean. Aligners offer faster and smoother teeth straightening.

What Are Invisible Aligners Made Of?

Invisible aligners are made of transparent thermoplastic material. It is a safe and biocompatible material. The material undergoes several tests to ensure quality and performance. This ensures patient safety and effective outcomes. They are made with the latest CAD/CAM technology, and the treatment is predictable. They are known to treat a wide range of cases.

Invisible Aligners Cost in India?

The invisible aligners' cost starts based on the following grounds:

Individual Case:

The cost varies from person to person, depending upon the case. Your dentist will first treat your oral health if you have dental issues and tooth decay. This might add to the cost of treatment. If your teeth have severe problems, they might need special aligners.

Treatment Length:

The treatment time for each case will be different. Mild cases of crooked teeth would need less time than moderate cases. A complex case requires more sets of aligners, which increases the cost of treatment.

The Location:

The cost of treatment can differ in different locations. The price can be higher in big cities and less expensive in small towns or interior parts. You can check out your local areas and compare the treatment cost before you start it.

Brand or Manufacturer:

Branded aligners offer good quality and assured results. They are more expensive than regular ones. Illusion Aligners is a well-known brand that offers superior-quality aligners. Illusion Aligners use the latest technology and computer designs to make their aligners. They spend money on research to make sure their aligners are the best.

Invisible Aligners v/s Traditional Braces Cost

1) Cost Comparison:

Traditional or metal braces are a common way to straighten teeth. Braces offer a lower cost of treatment than aligners. But, they are more painful and cause discomfort with wires and brackets. They also come with diet restrictions. They are easily visible and make your smile look bad.

The cost of aligners is higher than braces due to the added benefits. They are transparent and do not impose any limits on your routine life. You can eat your favourite meals like before. They help you keep your oral health clean. These aligners are easy to use and comfortable.

1) Saves Time:

Invisible aligners are faster than traditional braces. These aligners are custom-made and designed with CAD/CAM technology. There is a precise time frame for each set of aligners. They move your teeth and show faster results than braces. They are removable and hence offer better oral health. They also prevent dental problems like plaque and cavities as you can clean your teeth. This helps to save you from extra dental visits and longer treatment duration.

What Affects the Cost Factor of Invisible Teeth Aligner?

The cost factor of aligners depends on the following:

Consultation: Your orthodontist will understand your needs and scan your teeth. After that, they will plan your treatment. The fees of an expert can be more than those of a general dentist.

Aligners Material: The material used for invisible aligners is of superior quality. It is a biocompatible thermoplastic material. Hence, it is safe to use and does not cause any allergies. Branded aligners use better materials and may cost more than cheaper ones.

Orthodontist Fees: Your dentist's fees might vary depending on their dental experience. An expert can charge you more than a regular dentist for professional advice and care. This ensures that your treatment is well-planned and successful.

Retainers and Follow-Up:Your doctor will provide you with retainers to keep the position of your teeth. It is best to visit your dentist to track the progress of the treatment. Sometimes, your doctor can make adjustments that may add to the cost of the treatment.

Why Illusion Aligners Is a Top Choice?

Illusion Aligners is a trusted brand of dentists. It holds a good track record of successful cases. It is one of the top choices for seeking aligner treatment.

Illusion Aligners are made with CAD/CAM technology, and they are US FDA-certified. The following are the features of Illusion Aligners:

  • Super thin
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • Crack resistant
  • Custom made

Illusion Aligners offers the following variants to treat crooked teeth-

  • Illusion Aligners PRO
  • Illusion Aligners Aesthetic
  • Illusion Aligners FLX
  • Illusion Aligners Standard

Aligners are a modern way to treat your crooked teeth. It is important to straighten your crooked teeth to avoid damage in the long run. It can cause oral health issues in the future. Crooked teeth can affect your looks and eating habits. Invisible aligners are one of the best ways to correct crooked teeth. They help to your smile and confidence. If you are looking to fix your smile, then think about Illusion Aligners. It is advisable to consult your dentist to start your treatment with aligners.

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