Illusion Aligners


We understand how time consuming it might get while waiting to improve the look of your patients’ teeth. That's why we integrated the latest research with the most comfortable and smartest materials to eliminate the long wait periods. Introducing, the all-new Illusion Aligner PRO,the shorter duration aligner treatment that works rapidly to move teeth to their correct position by changing the wear time to 7 days!

It's the most trusted doctor-directed aligners, that is a simpler, faster, and smarter way for getting that picture-perfect smile, rapidly.

Illusion Aligners


  • Engineered for faster results.
  • 7-day Aligners reduce the wear time of every aligner to just 7 days.
Illusion Aligners

Pro- Smart

  • US FDA-approved biocompatible Polyurethane material.
  • Controlled forces for rapid teeth movement. Its clarity, inherent toughness and natural flexibility ensure ultimate comfort.
Illusion Aligners


  • A Proprietary orthodontic planning software of Illusion Aligners that presents a 3D digital road map of the aligner treatment.
  • A tool that empowers orthodontists to plan, modify and create their own treatment via this software.
Illusion Aligners

Assured Smiles

  • Get an assurity of a long-lasting smile.
  • So if at any time after the treatment your smile moves out of alignment, we’ll help get it back at no additional cost.
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3D treatment planning software Exclusively For Orthodontists

  • The power to control individual tooth movement
  • The power to design your patient's smile in your hands
  • A widely known, US FDA Certified Indian Aligner Company with software to help Orthodontists plan their patients' treatment

Illusion Aligner Unlimited

Introducing Illusion Aligner Unlimited, Affordable teeth straightening with our assurance. Give your patients that exactly planned flawless smile even with extended treatment time. Cover your patients for a longer time with Unlimited sets of Aligners upto 5 years. Now doctors can feel more confident and commit themselves to the desired smile.

Get 2 sets of aligners with 1 set of attachments

Now you get to choose the Unlimited plan for both STANDARD as well as the PRO to restore your smile.

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