Illusion Aligners

Clear Aligners

  • Illusion always tries to bring the most innovative, easiest possible dental solutions for you. This holds true even in the case of aligners - an aesthetic alternative to those clunky metal braces.
  • A true mark of quality being the only Indian aligners to receive a US FDA certification.
  • These aligners are the best-in-class combination of flexibility, strength, and clarity designed for long-term wear with utmost comfort.
  • Inconspicuous to the eye with perfect colour stability and minimal discoloration or yellowing with use.
  • Fabricated by using the latest technology, modern equipment, and well-established materials, to bring about rapid tooth movement to meet the challenging needs of patients confidently.
  • Your patients can experience final comfort, fit, and clarity of the aligner with our Zero aligner provided beforehand.
  • Get a free Virtual setup of the patient's smile to help them visualize their results even before they start the actual treatment.
  • Each clear aligner can be laser marked to indicate the unique case number, upper or lower arch, and serial number at which it should be worn.

What more could you ask from a clear pair of aligners?

Perfect teeth with Illusion Aligners

We’ve been at this
for 31 years.

Perfect teeth with Illusion Aligners
  • Illusion Aligners is a part of Illusion Dental, a pioneer in quality dental restorations for over 31 years.
  • Illusion Dental is widely recognised for stringent quality control, expert technicians, and personalised support.
  • At Illusion Aligners, we have expert dentists, orthodontists and certified dental technicians, that ensure your patients receive the best treatment from consultation to completion.
  • We combine the latest technology and high-quality products with our imminent focus on personalised customer service.
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Why Dentists Choose
Illusion Aligners



We partner with you to create a customized teeth straightening procedure for all your patients. You are in charge of your patients’ treatment at all times.

Doctor-Directed Treatment by Illusion Aligners
Doctor-Directed Treatment by Illusion Aligners



We partner with orthodontists having rich experience in diagnosing and correcting irregular alignments to ensure you are providing your patients the right guidance and care.

Specialist Consultation by Illusion Aligners



Our Virtual 3D Setup allows you to clearly predict how a patient’s teeth will look after treatment. This offers you clear roadmap to implement the aligner treatment and benchmark to monitor & modify treatment.

Perfect smiles with Illusion Aligners

Best In Class


Our aligners are designed by orthodontists using advanced technology and fabricated using world class material. To help deliver, the most reliable, precise and effective solution for your cases.

Best in Class Clear Aligners Solutions by Illusion Aligners

Quick Case


Simply submit your cases on our dedicated dentist portal and we will assign a dedicated expert to fast track your cases to completion. You can reach out to us anytime during the tenure of the treatment for any support.

Quick Aligner Treatment at Illusion Aligners

Affordable Solution

For You & Your Patients

Yes, our aligner treatment is affordable to patients, but more importantly, its affordable for you. Our customized payment plans ensure that practitioners are able to send patients’ aligners with flexible payment plans.

Affordable Aligner Solutions

How Illusion Aligners

Work for Dentists

Why Patients Choose

Illusion Aligners

How Illusion Aligners

Work for Patients

Why Choose Aligners

For A Smile Journey

Aesthetic, Affordable and Accurate

With new age technology and years of research, aligners have finally become more reliable
at giving you predictable results without the hassles of braces and equally affordable.

Compared to traditional wires & brackets, invisible aligners are:

Illusion Aligners

Minimal Appointments

Illusion Aligners

Predictable Results

Illusion Aligners



Illusion Aligners
Dr. Lakshanika

BDS, Smaavins Dental, Skin,
Hair & Face Surgery Clinic (Chennai)

I have been using Illusion Aligners for the past 3 years with my patients and I have treated more than 50 patients using Illusion Aligners. The result was very good and every singly patient is very happy with the outcome. Also the communication which I am getting from the local Chennai team and aligner teams are very satisfying and co-operative. Looking forward to a long time association with Illusion Aligners.

Illusion Aligners
Mattia Fornoni

Owner, D Lab (Italy)

I have been using Illusion I entrusted the design plan of my orthodontic works to the aligner illusion team and I immediately found myself very well, the designs that arrive to me respect all standards with surprising attention to detail, also the 3d rendering made by this special team of professionals it helps to present the case with positive impressions from my clients. Very good guys who follow me these cases and give me support!

Illusion Aligners
Dr Honey Gurbaxani

Dr.Jumana's Dental Care and Implant Centre (Nagpur)

Illusion aligners has given me the finest experience with aligners till date. Starting from the scans to the treatment plans and the delivery in a well-organized package, Illusion aligners has been there for all. Extending a huge thanks and recommending colleagues in the dental fraternity for the same!