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We’ve been at it for 31 years

Illusion Aligner System is designed to give dentists more control over the treatment and achieve better compliance while transforming smiles. Illusion Aligners is brought to you by a team of experts with 31 years of experience in the dental lab space. We understand that consistent quality is important for you every step of the way, be it the materials, design, case tracking or support and we strive hard to exceed your expectations. We know that material matters, so our aligners are fabricated using the most advanced materials and technology that passes stringent quality checks. Illusion Aligners are designed by Orthodontists and trusted by dentists around the globe and are US FDA Approved. Our customer portal ensures a continuous communication and our prompt support team assures immediate connection. Illusion Aligners is committed to always being by your side throughout the Aligner journey.


Provide dental professionals a consistent and predictable aligner journey


To transform smiles consistently and affordably.