Illusion Aligners
Perfect teeth with Illusion Aligners

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Perfect teeth with Illusion Aligners
  • Illusion Aligner System is designed to give dentists more control over the treatment and achieve better compliance while transforming smiles.
  • Brought to you by a team of experts with 31 years of experience in the dental lab space.
  • Material matters, so we use most advanced materials and technology and put them through stringent quality checks. We strive hard to exceed your expectations, be it though our design, case tracking or support and Illusion Aligners is committed to always being by your side throughout the Aligner journey.
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The Illusion Aligners Advantage

  • 1. PETG Material
    A perfect blend of rigidity and elasticity ensures sustained forces
  • 2. Ultra Clear and Crack Resistant
    High flexural modulus makes the aligner more durable
  • 3. Snap Fitting Yet Comfortable
    Gentle on soft tissues along with no deformation due to high modulus of elasticity.
  • 4. Stringent Quality Check
    Each aligners is methodically inspected by expert technician before being packed
  • 5. User-Friendly Customer Portal
    User portal saves your precious time and lets you work seamlessly

What more could you ask from a clear pair of aligners?

Why Choose Illusion Aligners



You are in charge of your patients treatment. Your treatment is more predictable when you ensure compliance and treatment completion

Doctor-Directed Treatment by Illusion Aligners
Doctor-Directed Treatment by Illusion Aligners

Designed by


Illusion Aligners treatment plan is designed by orthodontists, save your chairside time knowing an expert in the field designs the treatment plan for you

Specialist Consultation by Illusion Aligners



The 3D Virtual Setup allows visualizing and predicting the entire treatment course offering you a clear roadmap to implement the aligner treatment and to monitor & modify if required.

Perfect smiles with Illusion Aligners

Fast Turnaround


Dedicated team of experts ensures fast case processing and delivery of aligners within 7 to 10 days of treatment approvals

Quick Aligner Treatment at Illusion Aligners

Affordable Solution

Aligner therapy should not cost you and your patients a fortune, we’re on a mission to help you transform smiles affordably

Affordable Aligner Solutions

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Approve or modify the treatment setup

Receive custom made aligners within 8 days

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