Treatable Conditions with Illusion Aligners


Now simple to complex cases are treatable with illusion aligners. Illusion Aligner is the safe, doctor-led clear aligner treatment for those patients who want a smile that’s both healthy and beautiful.

 Treatable Conditions with Illusion Aligners

Crooked teeth

Teeth that are crowded together are often forced to be a little behind or front in your jaws. Illusion Aligners will straighten such teeth and reposition them, protecting you from severe gum health issues.


A single tooth or a group of teeth can be in a mismatch with the opposing teeth. Correcting their alignment is extremely crucial to safeguard you from bone loss and worn-out teeth.


Gaps between one or many teeth can make your smile unattractive. Closing such gaps can improve your speech and resolve aesthetic concerns.

Open bite

Open bite leaves gaps between the upper and lower teeth while biting. Illusion Aligners can help correct this gap.


For those with extra teeth or too much crowding to fit all the teeth, extraction is an extremely safe and effective way to help align the teeth properly. Illusion Aligners help in shifting front and back teeth to close these extraction gaps.

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