Illusion Aligners
Get A Faster, More Flexible and Flawless Smile journey with Illusion Aligners FLX.

Publish on Apr 10, 2023

Get A Faster, More Flexible and Flawless Smile journey with Illusion Aligners FLX.

Illusion Aligners FLX is the latest and most advanced aligners, crafted to deliver your dream smiles while providing you with the finest care and comfort. The new version of aligners is designed to give almost three times more effective and faster treatment than before.

Illusion Aligners FLX is made of iTRACK, an innovative, multilayered material, increasing the treatment's effectiveness. iTRACK is a US FDA Approved and CE Certified, modern and superior quality material; it is bio-compatible, safe and non-toxic. In addition, the outer layer is rigid, making it crack-resistant with lower chances of breakage or damage during regular use. Finally, the soft inner layer makes it flexible and comfortable, quickly gaining a firm fit on the teeth. Every aligner is custom-made for each case and designed with the latest CAD-CAM technology.

This trend-setting aligner includes special ultra-clear, stain-resistant, crack-resistant, strong and durable features. In addition, it is powered to apply more force on tooth movement and make it more comfortable at the same time. This added feature boosts the aligner's efficiency in correcting the tooth position with a reduced wear time in a considerably lesser time frame.

Illusion Aligners FLX is the ultimate aligner fashioned to deliver the best teeth-straightening solutions. The new and innovative Illusion Aligners FLX treats simple and complex misaligned teeth cases by offering excellent results.

We aim to deliver you more reasons to smile with our easy three-step, hassle-free process of getting your aligners. First, visit your dentist for a digital scan; second, the dentist will send your teeth impression to our lab; and third, we will deliver your specially designed box of aligners within the time frame.

We commit ourselves to provide you with a faster, more flexible and flawless product that helps you achieve your desired smiles effortlessly with a sense of safety and security. We strive to deliver nothing but the best because your smile and satisfaction are precious to us. So choose your dream smiles; choose Illusion Aligners FLX!

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