Illusion Aligners

Publish on Jul 09, 2022

No 1 Indian Lab For Zirconia Restorations And Aligners In The World

Illusion is one of the most celebrated dental laboratories in Europe, USA, UK etc. Here, we are committed to building smiles that last a lifetime, improve oral health and give you confidence. We have a brilliant Legacy of 32 strong years that has made us the pioneer in the dental field. You have always known Illusion Aligners as the No. 1 Indian Aligner brand.

But there is more to it. Illusion is also the No 1 Indian Laboratory for Zirconia Restorations in the world. Illusion has a widespread network of 55,000+ doctors across the world doing Aligner and Zirconia restorations. Collaboratively, we have transformed more than 3.5 million smiles to date.

When it comes to clear aligners, dentists trust Illusion Aligners to deliver the best results. It is the first Indian Aligner company to have the US FDA approval. We have set benchmarks in the aligner industry and thus are proud to say that we are the No 1 doctor-directed Aligner brand that is truly digital.

Here are our top features of Illusion Aligners:


Gives better aesthetics and has high optical clarity that makes them unnoticeable.

Super Thin

Conveniently fits in your routine

Fabricated with a thickness of just 0.8mm, our aligners are easy to adjust to and do not cause any discomfort to your teeth, tongue or gums.


Facilitates your treatment bringing about consistent and accurate tooth movement throughout giving you end results as planned.

Crack Resistant

Minimizes incidence of breakages

Superior mechanical properties that are a perfect balance of strength and flexibility allow our aligners to withstand the wear and tear in the oral environment.

Stain Resistant

Let’s you eat your favorite food

Our aligners have been tested to show minimal discoloration even after prolonged wear. They promote hygiene and do not require you to compromise on your dietary habits.

Likewise, our zirconia department has also achieved glorious success, being the most used prosthesis by practitioners. Zirconia restoration is perfectly tailored as per the individual's needs, utilizing the highest levels of expertise, digital technology and artistry, especially for you. This ensures that your dream smile is not just beautiful but built with the total understanding and consideration of your bite and jaw movements.

Here are our top zirconia products:

  • Smart Zr

    It's our promise to upgrade your aesthetics. Say goodbye to old bulky and heavy metal bridges. Go truly metal free. Smart Zirconia can restore your dark and discolored front teeth too. The pre-shaded and layered material is supremely aesthetic and eliminates the risks of aesthetic failures. This material personifies vibrant and life-like smiles without burning a hole in your pocket. Smart Zirconia is super strong and long-lasting. It uses advanced technology to impart precision and exact shade matching.

  • 3D Multilithic

    This premium range product has perfection written all over it. This is a practical, innovative and an efficient solution to transform a smile. Multilithic is the latest introduction to our line of premium Zirconia products. Get better results with your crowns and bridges with this layered Zirconia.

  • Bruxzir

A tried and tested solution for a decade now can be the best pick to restore the lost aesthetics. 14 Million+ cases globally and the most favorite brand of USA. The digital production process is optimized to give the strongest chip proof, durable and precise crowns and bridges. Extremely gentle on the opposite natural teeth. Recommended for night grinders.

Illusion has always struck harmony between the ever-increasing expectations of the dentist and patients. Our exquisite work, be it Invisible Aligners or Zirconia, is created with precision following the elite international standards. Our cutting-edge products and latest technology make you instantly feel that you are being cared for by the most competent hands. We give utmost importance to knowing and understanding our patients' needs and blending them perfectly with the treatment plan of the dentist.

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