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Benefits of Illusion Aligners

Publish on Mar 31, 2022

Benefits of Illusion Aligners Doctor Portal and Steps

Doctor Portal is essentially one point source for all your patient data. It is designed to help you access, submit, analyze and manage your cases along with their treatment plans.

It ensures easy case tracking and can be accessed through any device, keeping you just a click away from your patient's report. It also has an inbuilt chat mechanism for hassle-free communication, making the overall process less time-consuming.

Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through our doctor portal. It's not a complicated process, but these steps are meant to take out all the guesswork by listing exactly what to do at every stage.

STEP 1: Login and Reset Password

Visit click on the “Doctor Portal'' tab. This will lead you to the doctor portal login page.

Now you will have to type your user ID and password and click on “Sign In.” You can also view your password before you click on it.

In case you do not remember your password, you have the option to click on "Forgot Password" and reset it.

You will receive your password on your registered email ID and mobile number. Now you have to click on “Go Back'' and sign with your retrieved details.

STEP 2: How To Create A Case

In order to create a case, you need to click on the "Create Case" option and select either aligners or retainers.

Then click "Next" to select the type of treatment plan that you want to work on. You can choose from an entirely new case, a mid-course correction, or refinements only.

You can also go back to the previous page if you want to make any changes to the previously selected parameters.

Patient's Personal Details

The next step is to start the registration process by entering your patient's details. This includes their first name, last name, gender, and age.

You will also have to select the patient type by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting one of the two options, i.e., local or outstation.

Now select the date as per your patient's availability.

Patient's Case Details

Now comes the details of the patient's case. These include arch details, overjet, overbite, midline, canine relation, molar relation, space alterations, space gaining preference, etc. You have to fill in these details as per the case and the patient's requirements. The more detailed patient information will be, the more it will help expedite the process.

The next step is to select the impression type. You will have to choose between digital scans and physical scans.

Also, select whether you will share upper arch files, lower arch files, or both. Feel free to add more instructions in the "Text Box."

Lastly, you have to select teeth movement restrictions and also mention the tooth number on which you do not want attachments.

Uploading Files

The next step is to provide relevant files. You can upload intraoral pictures, extraoral pictures, radiographs, OPG, lateral cephalogram as well as STL files. You have options to upload your files now, later, or you can also choose to proceed without photos.

After clicking on "Submit," you can preview the case you've submitted and recheck the details filled.

Finally, you have to choose the option to print, cancel or confirm the data. You'll know your case has been submitted successfully once you see the green pop-up at the top center of the page.

In the dashboard, you can see your personal details, cases submitted, cases under review, and pending case records. It also shows virtual setups in progress, virtual setups that are approved, aligners in fabrication, ongoing cases, delivered cases, retainers, and cases canceled.

STEP 3: How To Evaluate Virtual SetUp

In this step, you have to select an approved virtual setup.

To evaluate it, you must click on the "3D" icon under the "View 3D plan" option. You can now view the 3D model of your patient.

You will have the option to view upper and lower teeth, both arches, left, right, as well as the frontal view.

You also have the “Play” option to see the changes in the tooth movements. You can always zoom in and out as per your requirement.

This is how you can see the movements from the initial to the final position. We have provided an option to download the treatment progress plan in a PDF file.

STEP 4: How To Check Case History

For this step, you will have to click on “Cases” at the top right area of the page. Now, enter the patient's name, and you will be able to see their case history along with their ID.

You can see other details as well, like virtual setup, patient information, scan, etc.

STEP 5: How To Submit A Retainer Case

In order to submit a retainer case, click on the “Create Case” option on the top right of your home screen select the "Retainer Only" tab.

You can start the registration process by entering your patient's personal and case details.

The next step is to select the delivery date and impression type.

Also, select the extent of the retainer from start to end of both the upper and lower arch. You also have the option to mention any case specification and upload pictures if required. The last step is to review and confirm the details that you have mentioned. You can now choose to print, cancel or confirm the data.

You will see a green pop-up at the center top of the page, which indicates that your case has been submitted successfully.

In case you have any questions, our team is always available to help you out. You can write to us at or call 8657913162.

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