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The Most Effective And Easy on the Pocket Aligners For Dentists

Publish on Feb 19, 2022

The Most Effective And Easy On The Pocket Aligners For Dentists

For the past 31 years, our primary goal has been to deliver aligners that are just as beneficial for dentists as they care for patients.

And in order to achieve this goal, we offer pre-treatment assistance, patient motivation tools, a pay-as-you-go model, and EMI plans.

Pre-treatment Assistance: Our pre-treatment assistance essentially refers to the ENE scanning service offered to dentists and patients across 15 cities. ENE scanning is the perfect alternative to the traditional impression system as it provides a faster and more precise analysis.

Our 3-shape intraoral scanner provides highly accurate impression data in mere minutes. So, it is highly beneficial for dentists who do not have a scanning service in their clinics. Not only does it cover the maximum number of patients, but it also saves them from the inconvenience that comes with traditional impressions.

Some other benefits of our ENE scanning include:

  • Enhanced quality of impressions
  • Reduction in potential errors, hence leading to accurate analysis.
  • Supports paper-free office environments.

This is how our pre-treatment assistance speeds up the dental procedure and improves its efficiency.

Patient Motivation Tools: We realize that going through an aligner treatment is an investment for the patient. And, at times, it can be quite challenging to convince patients and motivate them to choose an aligner treatment. For this reason, we have introduced patient motivation tools like a 3D virtual setup, zero aligners, and a patient education kit. These tools enable the patient to understand the treatment better.

  • 3D Virtual SetUp: Our free 3D Virtual Setup allows patients to see their desired smile even before the treatment begins. It also increases their confidence to opt for an aligner treatment and lets you monitor & modify their treatment, if required. Moreover, both you & your patient get a clear roadmap of the aligner treatment.
  • Zero Aligners: We offer complimentary zero aligners to our dentists. Zero aligners are meant to be worn by the patient to understand the look and feel of aligners. OR Zero aligners are intended to be worn by the patient to experience the clarity and comfort of our aligners. They work as trial aligners and do not move any teeth.
  • Patient Education Kit: Our patient education kit includes five 3D printed models of common malocclusions like teeth gap, crooked teeth, open bite, extraction, and crossbite. It also comes with various barcodes that the patient can scan to view a virtual video of each malocclusion. So, with the help of the education kit, dentists can increase their patient’s motivation.

Pay-as-you-go/Pay per aligner model: Our pay-as-you-go/Pay per aligner model gives an option to the dentists to pay per aligner. With the pay per aligner model, you can give aligners to your patients in different phases.

For instance, if a patient requires sixteen aligners, and you or the patient would like to have just four aligners, for the time being, then you have to pay for those four aligners only. The remaining twelve can also be delivered in the same manner.

This model is introduced to make our aligner treatment cost-effective for you and your patient.

Lastly, we also provide EMI plans to dentists.

Once the aligner treatment commences, doctors get personalized support and regular updates of the patient's case on our doctor portal. By logging in to our doctor portal, you can easily access your patients' cases, track their progress, and check the reports. This way, your patients get their dream smile at lightning speed!

It's time to partner with Illusion Aligners and give your patients the best aligner treatment experience!

In case you have any questions, our team is always available to help you out. You can write to us at or call 8657913162.

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