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Teeth Overjet

Publish on Dec 29, 2021

Teeth Overjet – All You Need to Know!

Teeth Overjet

From chewing food to making our pictures seem extra appealing, there is a lot that teeth help us with. And so, maintaining them and ensuring that they remain pearly white at all times has also become increasingly important.

We know the basics like brushing twice a day and going for regular cleanups. We also know how to tackle common issues like toothache and decay. But what about the issues that have nothing to do with the pain of our teeth but with the structure itself? Well, you’re about to figure it out!

Let’s begin with What is Teeth Overjet?

Teeth overjet is essentially having your upper teeth extended beyond your bottom teeth. So, for you to have increased teeth overjet, your upper teeth would have to stick out and on top of your lower teeth to an abnormal extent.

But here's the catch, as long as they are no more than 2 millimeters apart, you are good to go. It is only problematic if the distance between your teeth is over 2 millimeters. In such a scenario, the teeth overjet causes jaw pain, difficulty in chewing and may also lead to excessive tongue biting.

Unfortunately, increased teeth overjet impacts your overall appearance as well as your smile. It alters your teeth alignment making it difficult to close lips completely. You might also face speech difficulties if you have increased teeth overjet.

Nevertheless, here are some reasons why you may have one.

Causes of Teeth Overjet

● You might want to flashback to your childhood for this one. Remember when you would suck your thumb all the time? And adults would ask you not to, Well they were right. As it turns out, excessive thumb-sucking could lead to a teeth overjet.

● That said, there are various other reasons for increased overjet. For instance, it can be hereditary, so if any of your parents had one, you're likely to get it too.

● Another prominent reason for teeth overjet is an underdeveloped lower jawbone, which makes it easier for your upper teeth to stick out more than they ideally should.

● Dentists are of the opinion that tongue thrust could also be a major contributing factor to teeth overjet.

● Using pacifiers for an extended period of time can also lead to teeth overjet. Watch it, parents, do not make your infants habitual to them.

There is a good chance that you may come across teeth overbite and misunderstand it for teeth overjet as it is a common mistake made by many. Let’s understand the difference.

Difference between Teeth Overjet and Teeth Overbite

The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth to a certain extent that is called an overbite. In an ideal situation, the lower teeth will still be visible after you bite down completely. But in case of an increased overbite, the lowers will not be visible once you bite down completely. Also, the edges of lower teeth can hit the roof of your mouth or the palate.

The main difference between teeth overjet and teeth overbite is the angle. In both cases, the upper teeth are over the lower teeth. But the difference kicks in when the upper teeth extend over the lower teeth at a certain angle.

Also, teeth overjet is about the horizontal relationship between the upper and lower teeth, whereas overbite is chiefly about the vertical relationship.

And while heredity is one of the reasons leading to increased overjet, an increased overbite can be due to the same reason.

Is Increased Overjet Bad For Our Teeth?

Increased teeth overjet can be quite harmful if not treated on time. As mentioned previously, you can have speech issues like lisps or slurred speech.

It can also lead to:

● Regular painful chewing experience.

● Issues related to gums.

● Tooth decay from the buildup of plaque.

● Difficulty in biting and swallowing solid food.

● Chipped teeth.

Additionally, the discomfort of having a teeth overjet goes beyond tooth-related issues. You may experience:

● Insecurities about your teeth, smile, and overall appearance.

● Embarrassment while smiling.

● Irregularities in your facial appearance.

● Sleep disorders.

● Temporomandibular and other jaw-related problems.

If not given the proper care, these issues can become severe as time passes. So technically, it will get worse as you age. This is why it becomes crucial to get your teeth checked regularly by a dentist.

Especially when it comes to teeth overjet, orthodontic treatment is of utmost importance. Moreover, the ideal time to fix teeth overjet is as soon as you discover it.

Now, it is true that the patients who start their treatment at the age of seven get the best results. But it does not mean that if one is past seven years of age, they cannot get their overjets corrected. It may take longer but it is not impossible.

How To Treat Teeth overjet?

Given how far we have come in terms of technology and advancement, there are numerous ways through which you can get your overjet corrected. For instance, there are dental braces, crowns, bridges, etc.

However, the best and most comfortable option is a clear aligner. Dentists often use clear aligners to address numerous malocclusions of teeth, especially for the treatment of teenagers and adults.

This is so because clear aligners are invisible. They are not only comfortable but also convenient. You get a series of clear plastic aligners that are customized as per your teeth' structure.

The patient is supposed to put them on regularly and the position gets corrected with minimum pain. Just consider it as the latest version of braces, and you will get the gist of it!

Teeth overjet is not as concerning as it sounds. It is easy to correct, so all you have to do is get your teeth checked by a dentist.

If you’re looking for a pain-free yet comfortable experience, the best option to go for is Illusion Aligners. Our aligners are stain-resistant and crack proof too! So you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want! What’s more? Illusion Aligners is the only US FDA-approved Indian brand, so you can place your trust in us.

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