Illusion Aligners

Publish on Dec 17, 2021


While invisible aligners give you the smile and confidence you’ve always wanted, taking care of them should not be ignored. Unlike braces and brackets, it is simpler to tend to the aligners and maintain them.

Keeping the aligners in top hygienic condition lessens the chances of plaque accumulation or any bacterial problems, while also keeping bad breath at bay. Moreover, it also supports the overall progress of the treatment.

As you have to wear them for more than 20 hours daily, you need to be meticulous about preserving and protecting your aligners. Here are a few dos and don'ts that will help you maintain your aligners to perfection.

Clean them every day

The best part about aligners is that you can take them off while eating. However, there is always a chance that some food particles, embedded in your teeth, will further get trapped in the aligners once you put them back. Hence, cleaning them, twice daily, is a must.

This should not be a tough habit to adopt as brushing your teeth twice daily is fixed in your routine. Similarly, you can clean your aligners too. This will keep the bacteria and odor-free. Remember to rinse them every time after you have eaten.

Best way to clean

Do: Rinse with water. Take any toothpaste, (that your orthodontist prescribes) and a toothbrush with soft bristles. Gently brush the aligners. Have a light but firm touch to ensure that all food particles that may have been collected throughout the day are removed. You don’t want your aligners to have an offensive smell.

Alternatively, consult your dentist for any aligner-cleaner which can get rid of all food particles and bacteria and preserve these dental gears in top-class hygienic conditions.

Don’t: You must avoid using harsh, abrasive brushes or scrubbers, soaps, or mouthwash, as they may hamper the appearance of the aligners, making them cloudy

Do not wash your aligners in hot water. This could alter their shape and hamper your treatment.

Remove aligners when eating

Do:Great News for foodies! You can now take off the aligners when eating or drinking. This will also prevent them from staining (turmeric stains, etc.) or inadvertently damaging them. You can, of course, keep them on when drinking water.

Don’t: Never eat with your aligners on. Too much pressure can crack them, Remove them before having your meals and other snacks.

Take off your aligners when brushing your teeth

Do: Food particles and plaque can get wedged in your aligners causing other oral health problems and cavities. Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse well after brushing, before wearing your aligners back.

Don’t: Never brush your teeth with the aligners on. Take them off, else you may cause abrasions on them.

Storing them properly

Do: Before storing your aligners in their protective case, wash them properly. This will prevent them from being a breeding ground for micro-organisms and prevent them from smelling bad.

Don’t: Never store your aligners without washing them. Put them in their protective case after washing, rinsing, and patting them dry.

Keep them in their protective case

Do: Keep these aligners safely in their protective case when you are not wearing them. This will safeguard the aligners and prevent any accidental damage to them.

Don’t: Do not keep your aligners at random places and surfaces like tabletops and pockets. There are high chances that your aligners may break or get misplaced.

Taking good care of your aligners will keep them in the best condition, decrease other dental problems, and speed up your treatment too. If you face any issues, visit your orthodontist at the earliest.

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