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Aligners Pros and Cons

Publish on Dec 17, 2021


Everyone wants to flaunt a charming smile when they have a perfect set of teeth. But many have misaligned or crooked teeth. Not only does this affect their appearance but their confidence as well.

Years ago, braces were the prime treatment option to straighten out our pearlies. But today, the solution is simpler, thanks to aligners. Traditional braces are metallic and are conspicuously seen. Along with making an undesirable fashion statement in social settings, it can be uncomfortable.

Aligners have moved far ahead from these problems. This novel method has become a huge hit with dental patients as these are barely seen or almost invisible unlike the braces of the previous times. Made from quality material, these invisible aligners slip-on teeth very easily and work wonders in a short period.

Though aligners are now the go-to dental treatment for teeth alignment, it would be wise to throw a glance at the pros and cons of the treatment, so you are well-armed with the right information.



The foremost reason why aligners have become popular is that they are translucent and therefore least conspicuous. Much less visible than those wired and metallic braces. The aesthetic value it provides makes it a favorite among many, especially teenagers and high-profile professionals.

Easy to clean teeth

You can remove aligners while eating, brushing, and flossing. This helps in thorough cleaning and preventing bacterial build-up that would have risked other teeth.

Good coverage

Aligners fit snugly around your teeth without being uncomfortable. They do not alter your speech in any way.


Aligners are pretty versatile. They can solve several dental conditions like gaps between teeth, crowding, crossbite, and so on.

Easy to wear

Wearing and removing Aligners is very easy. They slip on the teeth smoothly. Additionally, aligners do not pose potential problems as compared to wires and braces. If traditional braces come off by any chance, it could lead to an emergency visit to your orthodontist.


Avoid hot water

You cannot use hot water to clean the aligners. Aligners are made of thermoplastic material i.e their shape can quickly change when exposed to higher temperatures. Soaking or running them through hot water would deform them, alter the fit and hamper the progress.

Dedicated wearing

As the aligners are supposed to be worn for a long time, that is, more than 20 hours a day, anyone can be tempted to remove them or get lazy to wear them again, especially after eating or brushing teeth. This could slow down the progress when dealing with complicated spacing issues or such.

Inadequate for complex issues

When one is dealing with complex dental issues, aligners may not be the right treatment. However, your orthodontist will be able to take the call on this.

Concluding from the pros and cons, aligner treatment is the best bet for numerous dental problems. Work with your orthodontist and ensure the best outcome for your charming smile.

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