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Publish on Dec 17, 2021

Traditional Braces vs Transparent Aligners

Are you in a dilemma over traditional braces and Transparent Aligners?

The primary aim of any orthodontic treatment is to correct the poorly positioned teeth, optimize the bite and to improve both function and appearance of the set, giving you a beautiful smile.

But each treatment has its own approach and pros and cons. Let us help you with a precise guide on how to choose the perfect option for you.

Below mentioned are the points that differentiates clear aligners from metal braces.

  • Appearance – We all know braces can make you self-conscious. Whereas, clear aligners are almost invisible and barely noticeable as they are clear and custom-made to fit your teeth.
  • Materials – Braces are generally made from metal wires that stick to your teeth with the help of brackets. Comparatively, clear aligners are removable, made from the best-in-class transparent, thin materials that are comfortable.
  • Convenience – The appointments needed for braces tend to be frequent and longer as compared to those for clear aligners. As the tooth movement is pre-planned by your Orthodontist, the actual visits to the dentist are usually much quicker and fewer. This is especially important for people having a busy schedule.
  • Hygiene – As your aligners are removable, you can brush and floss as per your normal routine. This is significant as cleaning your teeth with braces in place is very challenging. Hence, it’s much more hygienic to opt for aligners rather than braces.
  • Effectiveness – As you know the Aligners keep on changing and are adjusted according to the plan decided by the dentist, applying the same force as traditional braces do. In specific cases, aligners give more accurate and faster results than traditional braces.
  • Pain – Clear Aligners are significantly less painful than metal braces. Most people report little discomfort for the first few days of wearing them and some tenderness, but when compared to the agony of metal braces, aligners win by being very less painful.
  • Diet - As you can remove your aligners to eat and drink, your diet is not affected at all. You will still be able to eat the foods you like with aligners. But maintaining the same diet with traditional braces is very difficult. As majorly all the hard food items are difficult or uncomfortable to eat with braces.

Wanting straightened teeth is a perfect thought as it will revamp your smile and improve your functioning of the teeth. It can also give you freedom from the allied jaw and muscle pain.

Hence, if you’re looking to beautify your smile and are still confused on which method of treatment to opt for, #AskYourDentist today and find out which treatment might suit you the best.

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