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Illusion Aligners Virtual Setup

Publish on Nov 15, 2021

Learn how our virtual setup helps your patients to visualize their dream smile!

What if we tell you that your patients can visualize their dream smile even before starting the treatment!


Yes, with our ultra-smart 3D scanners and alignment prediction technology, we can show the end result of our treatment plan before even starting the treatment. In fact, we can even show the progress of teeth alignment journey on every stage as you follow aligner treatment.

So, your patient's journey to perfect teeth begins with a picture of their future smile.

Our in-house experts create a customized treatment plan for your patients after thoroughly studying the case.

Let us walk you through this amazing yet easy process.

Register your case online

You can visit our Illusion Aligners doctor portal page and register your patient's case. Soon after that our team of expert Orthodontists will review the case and contact you within 2-3 business days to guide you for further process.

Share your Patient's details

Soon after registration, we would require your patient's case details like

  • Impressions of upper and lower jaws
  • Scan of their teeth
  • Photos of the patient's smile

You can directly upload this data on our portal itself.

Free 3D virtual setup

After thoroughly analyzing your patient's case, we can help you generate their desired dream smile with our 3D virtual setup.

Treatment progress

With the same 3D virtual technology, your patients can virtualize the progress of the treatment from the initial to the final position of the teeth.

You can even visualize the left or right view and the lower & upper arch view to analyze the progress involved in every stage of the treatment.

Treatment post-approval

Once your patient confirms the treatment after viewing the 3D teeth movement plan, you can update the approval status on our Illusion Aligners doctor portal. Only after the approval, we start the actual treatment process and our experts start manufacturing your aligners according to the 3D virtual plan.

We believe in setting teeth right, the right way, and with the right approach.

Our aligner treatment is through the dentists every step of the way.

Hence, now with Illusion Aligners dedicated virtual technology and expert support, you can easily and confidently give your patients the perfect smile they have been dreaming of.

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